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We have a vast selection of our Brand of Mattresses including Memory Foam Mattresses, Pocket Coil Mattresses, Euro Top Mattresses, Pillow Top Mattresses, Electric Beds and Futons. (see “Services” section of our site for specification) “If we don’t have it, we can make it”. Besides our box spring and mattresses, we also cary bedroom furniture direct from manufacturers such as bunk beds, bed frames, headboard and footboards. We also carry a vast selection of bedding accesories from pillows, sheets and shams, bed toppers and mattress covers. We can order direct from our manufacturer for you.


We carry a variety of mattress types and foam materials cut to your specification and size.
Can be used for upholstery, padding, packaging or sound proofing. Contact us for your specific needs.

euro Top

Pillow Top


Memory Foam

Pocket Coil

We can custom make your mattress to any size specification. Our process and manufacturing techniques equal that of the big name manufacturers. We ensure that every mattress we produce for our clients is of high quality and defect free. We use the same materials and textiles used by name brand manufacturers, we don’t have the advertising budget and overhead that most name brand manufacturers have, therefore we can pass on the savings to our customers. Our manufacturing facilities are located on site so our customers benefit from our “True Factory Direct” pricing with considerable savings from name brand prices.


Many factors come into consideration when someone decides to buy a new mattress. Here are a few tips and points to help you chose the right bed for you.

1. Needs – Establish why you are buying a new bed. What exactly it is you need? A bigger bed, softer or firmer? Child, adult or guest room? Or has your old mattress just seen better days? Knowing what it is you need will help you in the process of buying your new bed.

2. Budget – Determine what kind of budget you have to work with. Sleep is a very important part of our life and effects our daily routine. When you consider we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, you new mattress becomes that much more important. Once you determine what your budget is, we can help to maximize your value and comfort within your range.

3. Size – As a general rule, bigger is better. You want to be able to move around and be comfortable as well as not interfere with your partner. That being said, you also have to keep in mind if the bed will fit. Consider factors such as narrow stairways with low ceilings, basement apartment or room size when looking at queen and king size beds.

4. Firm or Soft – Determine the type of support you are looking for. The general rules are: if you are a side sleeper, you want medium firm to soft to alleviate pressure points on your hips and shoulders. If you are a back or stomach sleeper, you want something firmer to keep your spine in its proper alignment. These are general rules, everyone is different, so determine where you fit in.

5. Testing – Don’t be afraid or ashamed to lie down and try it out. That’s the only way to know if the mattress is comfortable. Lie down in a position you would normally sleep in and take your time, nobody is rushing you. You will be surprised how much different it feels to actually lay down rather than press with your hands.


Fantastic Sleep Shop Ltd is a family owned and operated business operating in Brampton. We were established in 1988 and are a true ‘factory direct’ provider.

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